Sol29 I play basketball 🏀

I learn about basketball. I love basketball 🏀 I play basketball and I play with my team to practice. So the next time we will play other team. The next day we have win so we are going to the bus. We go at the game to play so start the game so I go in I have Mack one shot. My team was happy now we are start the game they have other shot so we have 2 at 2 so we Mack one now. the other team Mack again 4 at 4 they Mack a shot and again so we lose the game so we have 4 at 8.

Sol28 when I was born

I was born in 2007 when I was little. My mom and dad they were right there with me and my brother was there to when he was little. My brother was playing with me when I was little. We play hide and seek. My mom was showing me how to say 1..2..3..4.. now I got to look for him. I saw my brother shoes and I open the door he did a parking me now I got look for him again I can’t find him. I found him right by the door. I foully found him. My brother was telling me along time ago so we play like we were playing when we was little.

Sol26 I wish

I wish my little brother will be big to play with me will I have my big brother but he is so much phone for him will I love ❤️ them both. I play with my little brother hiding and seek my mom was helping my little brother how to say 1…..2……..3………4……….5………. and I hide at the bathroom back at the door. And my big brother hide down at the bed in my room I Here my little brother was coming. My little brother found first is my big brother and I was in seconds that my little brother found me. I wish my little brother  remember the game we play hide and seek.

Sol22 My mom have the first time she have a baby

My mom Hurt her Tommy so we take her at the hospital 🏥. The Doctor said your mom have a baby and I said oh my god and I was so so so happy 😀 and my dad was happy 😊. So we are waiting for mom. My mom said  I am going to have a baby! Mom and dad was exciting. The doctor said you will pick the baby. We said ok 👍. The next time of the day. My mom and dad go to the car 🚗 and we go at the store get some Bady food and some of  pants and shirts and shoes and toy and bed. Now we go at the car. The next time of the day.  My mom and dad tell me what is it b o y I said it a boy 👦! My mom said yes! The next time of the day.  My mom and dad and me go pick up the baby boy and we get him and he was so cute and he was asleep 😴. So we go at home and put him at the bed 🛌.

Sol21 when is it my brother born

My brother born in 2005 my brother was older then me. I born in 2007 and my brother was big then me. Me and my brother were playing game when we were little and we play when I was 6 years old and my brother was 8 years old and we play hid and seek and I was hid at my brother bed the down at the bed 🛏.My brother got to continue 1…… 2…… 3…… and I shot my lips. My brother was looking for me he go at The first he go at the bathroom,my room,at the table, my brother room he was looking were I am he look at the bed and I scared 😱 him he was scared a little bit.

Sol14 My brother birthday

Today was my brother birthday I want to give him something but I can not tell him. My dad said today is your brother birthday I said I know. I said dad can we buy something to buy my brother toy or  shirt my dad said let me tell your mom if she stay with your brother I said ok. So my mom said ok to my dad. So we go to the  Store. I know my brother loved a lot of Jordan shoes so I go buy some and I buy some  present to Cover. So we go at the car and we go to the store to buy some cake 🎂 and we go home. We Close his eyes so we put the cake and  present on the table he open his eyes and he look the cake and present 🎁 he have some cake 🍰 of the peace and he open the  present and he look and he was so so so happy 😁 his present. He always like Jordan shoes.

My day was the beat

My dad tell me we are going to Disney world I was so so so so so! Happy I was excited 😆 and my brother to. We get are stuff and we did are food and we go to the car. The Disney world was allway. We sleep at the car. The next time we wake up my dad was driving. We are so close to Disney world. We are at the house and inside was all stuff are old we put are stuff at the bed we eat are food and tomorrow we can go at Disney world. I see they have a pool my dad tell me we can go tomorrow. The next day we go to Disney world the first park we go. I see all the cool things to have fun I go to the scary and I was so so 😱 and was  crying 🥺😭and my dad was hugging 🤗 us to not get scared. so is was done I do not want to go their again! I tell my dad can we go at the pool he said tomorrow I said ok 👍. So we go home and sleep. The next day I did get ready for the next park so we go and I see again the same scary my dad said can we go their I said no please dad my dad said ok. So we go at the pool I have fun 😀with my brother. We go home and sleep. The next day we go at the third park. We have fun and we go at the car and we sleep at the car. We wake up and we go home we have miss are family I was happy to see them.

Sol11 The first time I have a dog

My dad tell me that we going to get dog I was so so so happy I a little crying. I have a dog when I was little. I get my dog when he was little he was so so so cute. We go to the car and we go buy some food and toy and bed. We go home my dog can not walk he to little to walk so we let him try to walk and was walk I was so happy 😀 my dog have walk. We put all the food and water and we put the toy right with his bed. My dog was running all over the house he was excited to his new house.